Using Unibind document binding machines

Simply choose the style of cover that you want and then select the color of the Unibind steel spine.. If none of those options seems quite right, then you can always buy the Steelback spines and use your own paper or plastic covers. Whether you want to use plain 20lb bond, 32lb color laser paper or even photo paper, the Unibind system shouldn’t have a problem binding it. Once your document is assembled the way you want it, you must pick the correct size spine for the number of pages your document contains. Unlike some of the other binding methods, there are no holes to punch in the pages, and no plastic or wires to loop through. You simply place the document’s pages in the steel spine, run it through the binding machine, and allow it to cool. Try it for yourself and see just how easy it can be. Then, Plastic Strapping Machines Suppliers in China place the book’s spine onto the heating unit of the Unibind machine. If your size is not exact, you will find that in most cases you will want to round up.

One of the great things about using Unibind document binding machines is that they are simple to use. Step 2: Choose the correct size of spine. The machine is so simple to use, there is not even an on/off switch.

4. As easy as that sounds, it still may be a little daunting for the beginner, and that is why we have created the following easy guide for using a Unibind machine. A few minutes later your document will be ready to use. From the simple clear cover attached to the Steelcrystal covers to the frosted appearance of Steelmat covers, there are tons of options available.

1. This seems like a no-brainer, but it is a very important step. Step 1: Prepare and properly collate the pages of your document.

3. In fact, considering the high level of professionalism documents bound with Unibind offer, the production process is really pretty simple. To do this, simply place your pages and cover inside the spine you have chosen, making sure they are flush, and seated correctly. If you prefer, you even have the option of a perfect-bound hardcover or photobook cover. That’s two minutes to one of the most rugged, elegant, and professional-looking documents, proposals, and presentations that are available on the market. Step 3: Choose your Unibind binding cover. The Unibind binding system is designed to work with most common paper stocks and weights. When the document is finished, a green light comes on, and you can remove the book and place it in the cooling rack. Unibind offers a wide variety of document covers to go with their binding machines. Put your pages together, measure the thickness in millimeters, and choose the Unibind spine that is closest in size. Unibind machines can use pages that have been created by any of the normal printing methods, from laser to inkjet to photocopier.

Once the document is in the machine, the rest of the process should take a little less than two minutes to complete. The unit senses the steel in the spine, and the heating process begins. It is better to have a tiny bit of extra room in the spine than to have your pages not fit into the spine you have chosen. The options are nearly limitless.

2. Step 4: After you’ve chosen your cover, printed and collated your pages, and found the correct size spine for the document, you are ready for the final step; Running the document through the Unibind binding machine.

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