Purchasing an electric binding machine

We also wish that the 210EPB came with a foot pedal for ease of operation. Ruggedly Built. Depth Margin Adjustment. Warranty. While this isn’t going to present too much of a problem for small documents, for bigger projects, that time can add up. A lot of manufacturers put machines out there that give you 90 day warranties, but Tamerica offers a one year warranty with this machine. 3. The remarkably well-thought out design of the fully disengageable dies on the 210EPB makes it a very versatile machine. The fact that it punches an impressive twenty sheets per lift is a nice feature, and makes it a great choice for heavy users. Pros: 1. This is a machine capable binding documents with combs that are as small as 3/16″ or with large 2″ oval China Mingpai Semi Automatic Strapping Machine Manufacturers plastic combs. With the 210EPB around, you won’t need to keep different machines on hand to bind documents of different thicknesses. 5. If your office or business does, or has plans to do, a fair amount of plastic comb binding, it will be a good idea to look into purchasing an electric (as opposed to a manual) binding machine. Using a foot pedal allows the user to hold the document in both hands as it is being punched. You can bind documents up to twelve inches in length in a single pass, or by a simple process of repositioning the comb opener handle, longer documents can be bound in a couple of passes. Its versatility, however, is what makes it fairly unique on the market, and for the money we can’t think of a better machine out there. However this machine would also be well-suited to high volume work. However, the best news is that this machine is built so well that you shouldn’t ever need the warranty. Capacity. 4. Constructed entirely of steel, this a machine that is clearly intended to last a long time. With electric comb binding machines, foot pedals can make the process a lot cleaner and easier. It is a great value, certainly built to last, and contains all of the necessary features anyone would need in a plastic comb binding system. 2. If your binding is fairly high volume, and you do your binding on a regular basis, prepare to be impressed by the ten thousand sheet-per-hour capacity of this machine. This is not an absolutely necessary feature, but is definitely one that we missed. One of the better choices out there is the Tamerica 210EPB Electric Plastic Comb Binding Machine. This, of course makes it a great choice for small to medium businesses that want to make a long term investment. We found the 210EPB’s punch cycle (the time from the user pushing the button to getting the final punch) to be a little on the long side. Disengageable Dies. 2. With so many great features and so few drawbacks, we do not hesitate to recommend the 210EPB for just about any office. In the following review, we are going to take a closer look at some of the pros and cons of this binding machine, in order to try and help you decide if it is the right one for you.

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